How do I terminate the service Package / SuperPackage?

Service Package / SuperPackage can be terminated through the cancellation form accessible after logging into the customer account, where the service is registered, at

In the administration of the service Webhosting, find the Package / SuperPackage that you want to terminate. Click on its name. A new window opens, here you find the link service cancellation (see picture). 

If the service Package/SuperPackage hass allready expired, the cancellation form is not available. If you want to renew only the domain name, contact us via an authorized ticket.


After click on it, a new window with the cancellation form displays. Here are two options of the termination:

Choose this option only if you wish to terminate the whole service (i.e. webhosting and domain registration). If you choose this possibility, the service Package will be turned off on its expiration date and subsequently deleted from our servers. We will not notify you about the possibility to extend the domain´s registration before its expiration date. As soon as the domains´s protection period expires, the domain will be released for a new registration for other candidates.

Coose this option if you wish to terminate only the webhosting, you want to keep the domain registered. If you choose this possibility, the webhosting for your domain will be turned off on its expiration date and subsequently deleted from our servers. The domain registered within the service Package remains registered. 30 days before its expiration date you receive an proforma invoice for the domain name renewal. The renewal will be done as soon as we receive your payment.
Full cancellation of the webhosting (part of the service Package) will be done 60 days after its expiration date. During this period, it is possible to restore the webhosting separately - as an independent webhosting service. Please note that there is no possibility to renew the cancelled type of the service - Package.