How to manage SSL certificate in customer administration

(valid for paid SSL certificates only)

After ordering a paid SSL certificate, you will get access to manage the service. You will have an insight into SSL certificate expiration, issued and paid invoices, SSL certificate type, etc. In case you upload the SSL certificate to your server, we will give you the option to enter a so-called CSR request, the details of which we will need to issue the certificate.

Where can I find the section for SSL certificates?

Log in to your customer account and a new "SSL Certificates" link will appear in the menu on the left-hand side. Click on this link and you will see all the paid SSL certificates you have ordered from us.

After registering your new SSL certificate order, you will be able to view the details of the service. You can check the current status of your order.

- if it is waiting for a CSR (in cases where you upload the certificate to your server yourself), you need to provide us with a CSR request (key). You can enter it via the "enter" link (see image).

In the next step, you will be presented with a form to enter your CSR application and submit it to the system.

Once the payment and all other details have been processed, the status in your customer account will change. You can see a view of the active SSL certificate service in the next image.

Below is the actual service detail with all the information that defines the service.

Will I get any notifications when my SSL certificate is about to expire?

Yes. 30 days before the SSL certificate expires, you will receive a notification email along with an invoice for the next billing period. The invoice due date is the same as for other services, i.e. 10 calendar days. Upon receipt of payment and completion of other requirements (CSR request exchange), the SSL certificate will be renewed. You will then see the new expiration date of the service in the customer administration.