Website statistics

Within web hosting programs and packages, it's possible to order the additional service of website traffic statistics. When this service is active, server logs are processed by a web application overnight for the previous day. The output consists of clear graphical statistics of website traffic with a one-year history.

With the created graphs and reports, you can further work and archive the results. This gives you absolute control over your website, data, and the users accessing your website.

You can find the processed graphs at the address after logging in with your domain name and the corresponding password. The password will be sent to your contact email after the service is activated.
In your customer administration, you can have the password resent or change it on your own. On the web tab, in the "Statistics" tab, you will find links for both password retrieval and accessing the statistics interface.

How to Order Website Statistics

You can place an order for the additional service "Website Traffic Statistics" online. Upon receiving the order, you will receive a payment request by the end of the web hosting billing period.
After payment, the service will be activated within a few minutes.

Inside the web application, you can:
  • Monitor overall, monthly, or daily website traffic
  • Track data transferred to and from the website
  • Get more information about visits from search engines (useful for SEO optimization)
  • Monitor server load
  • Obtain more information about users visiting your website
  • Track the most searched keywords on the web
  • Monitor IP addresses of users
  • Track the locations of users based on IP addresses (cities, countries, etc.)
  • Create custom user reports
  • Export server logs for further analysis
  • And much more...

The web application looks as follows (for illustration purposes only)