Generic domains (gTLD) expiration notification

The generic (international) top level domains (gTLD) are .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info and .name.

According to the new ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) policy effective from August 31, 2013, the central registrar (apart from the domain provider) must notify all owners of gTLD domains of their oncoming expiration date. Central Registry warned of the approaching expiration of domains in the past, but now this notice must be sent on a strict deadlines.

Domain provider INTERNET CZ, a. s. (FORPSI) uses for registration of gTLD domains central registrar Tucows Inc. (OpenSRS). For this reason, Tucows Inc. will remind the domain name owners of their oncoming expiration date too.

Beginning on August 31, 2013,  FORPSI will send 4 emails to remind owners of generic domains (gTLD) of the oncoming expiration date of their domain names; the notifications will be sent as following:

30 days prior to the expiration date
14 days prior to the expiration date
7 days prior to the expiration date

3 days after expiration date

You can use our additonal service - Domain expiration notice by phone or registered letter. You can order this service in your customer administration.

Starting on the August 31, 2013, owners of the gTLD domains will receive expiration notification from the central registrar Tucows Inc. (OpenSRS) too; the notifications will be sent as following:

30 days prior to the expiration date

5 days prior to the expiration date

3 days after the expiration date

The expiration notification from Tucows Inc. will include warning that your domain name renewal can be done by INTERNET CZ, a. s., who is your domain name provider. It is not possible to have your domain name renewed directly by Tucows Inc. Please note - always renew your domain name at your domain provider INTERNET CZ, a. s. (FORPSI).

According to the new terms and conditions, which become effective on January 1st, 2014, the Main Registrar Tucows, Inc. will send 30 days or 5 days before the domain expiration a confirmation email to the domain owner to verify the accuracy of the contact details in the Main Registry. Even if the contact details are correct, it is necessary to confirm their accuracy through a link that will be included in the email. Without this confirmation, for which the Main Registry will wait for maximum of 15 days, the operation of the domain name may be suspended until the owner confirms the confirmation link.