Android calendar synchronization

Login into webmail and configure Caldav synchronization fist.

Synchronization server in the current version does not support the functionality of the most webmail CalDAV clients available on Google Play. Use the tested client OpenSync or paid   CalDAV-Sync.

Please note the limitations of functionality mentioned at the end of this article 

Installation and setup of the CalDAV client

Install Caldav Sync Free Beta from Google Play and add a new account

Settings > Accounts and Synchronizations
 Pridani CalDAV uctu v Androidu

Click to Add account at the bottom of screen and choose CalDav Sync adapter
 Pridani CalDAV uctu v Androidu

Fill in appropriate credentials
Pridani CalDAV uctu v Androidu
  • User: your email address
  • Password: mailbox's password,
  • URL:
  • Account name: a name which will be displayed in the list of accounts.
  • close configuration wizard by clicking to the button Sign in or register.

The client can synchronize data from Android calendar with the server under the following conditions. For this reason we do not recommend to use automatic synchronization. It is better to do a manual synchronization instead it.

Click on the account and then on the checbox.
Nastaveni CalDAV uctu v Androidu

Use an item Sync now to provide a manual synchronization
Rucni synchronizace CalDAV uctu v Androidu

Supported features
  • synchronization of events added via Android
  • synchronization of events added via webmail
  • synchronization of events modified via webmail 
    • change of time, date, transfering events to all-day event and back
  • synchronization of all-day events modified via Android

Known issues

Changing of an existing event with a time in Android – the only tested way is to first convert the event to full day:
  • choose the event you want to modify,
  • convert it to full day event -> synchronize it,
  • now modify the full day synchronization and make the changes (date, time, name...) -> and synchronize.
Repeated events can be synchronized a wrong way if you modify (delete) only certain events

If an error occurs during synchronization - CalDAV sync error (general), it is necessary to delete the event that is causing it (usually an event with a set time that has been modified in Android Calendar). Only then you will be able to continue with the synchronization.

Android CalDAV chyba synchronizace