Transfer emails to Forpsi - error "Sorry, relay access denied"

On the server, for safety reasons the MX records of the domains of recipient is checked. At least one MX record has to show to or to IP. In other case, the email is rejected, although the domain exists on this server. The error:
5.0.0 smtp; 550 5.1.1 gaui1p0062iCB6t01auiH0 Sorry, relay access denied, see

This situation can occur, if you transfer your email services to Forpsi and you change the MX record of your domain. It takes some time till new MX record is gotten on all cache DNS servers.

If you are going to transfer your email services to Forpsi, or you got the error above, contact us with authorized ticket. We will set for yor domain accepting its emails, although the MX records shows to other mailservers.

Note:  MX records are also checked in case of forwarded emails, autoreplies and error messages. If the target domain has all MX records showing to other mailservers, the messages are delivered by MX records, although the target domain exists on the server