The address for logging in to the new web interface is webmail.forpsi.com on a secure protocol.

On the login page, in addition to entering login details, you can also select the interface language and select the webmail version. The 'Manage mailboxes' button allows a quick access to the administration of domain mailboxes by pre-filling the postmaster administrator account.

If you don't want to enter your name and password every time you access the page, check the 'Remember me' option. On future visits, you will be automatically logged in without having to enter your login details. We recommend that you do not use this option on public computers or computers where multiple users use a single account. For permanent login, the interface language that was set when this function was activated is used. If you want to start using a permanent login with a different interface language, you will need to log out first. 

 To log out, click on the name button in the upper right corner of the interface and select Sign Out from the list.


Automatic logout

In the default mailbox configuration, automatic logout after 2 hours is set. 

You can change this in the Settings> General> Automatic logout section.

 When logging in to webmail, the password change form may be displayed. This situation occurs if a weak password is set for the e-mail box. The password change request interval is currently 30 logins.

Warning: an easy-to-guess password (email accounts with these passwords are often misused by spammers) is usually formed by the account name, domain, sequence of numbers (1234 ....), etc. - these passwords are listed in the form help. In these cases, it is not possible to skip the password change.