Antispam settings

To view antispam setting, click Settings in the top menu.
In the main left menu, select the Antispam item in the Account section.

How do I turn the anti-spam on or off?
The service status is displayed at the top of the settings (1.) in the form of button text. Click to toggle status Enabled/Disabled. OK to save settings.

Setting how will the emails that are evaluated as spam be processedIn the Spam Management section (2), you can set what action will be taken with emails that are evaluated as spam.
  • Change subject: the subject will be modified to "**** SPAM **** original subject" and delivered to the Inbox
  • Deliver to SPAM folder: emails marked as spam will be moved to the SPAM folder upon deliver
    Note: You can set up reporting of spam delivered to the mailbox
    Note: If you use the Deliver to SPAM folder option, custom filters will not be processed. This condition is caused by the antispam filter being applied before user filters.
  • Automatically reject: spam will be automatically rejected at the SMTP connection level
If you are using POP3 access for your mailbox and select the Deliver to the Spam folder option, emails that are marked as spam will not be downloaded (POP3 protocol only allows downloading the Inbox). Therefore, if you want to be notified that there are new messages in the Spam folder, activate the Receive AntiSpam report option and select the sending frequency (daily, weekly, monthly).

How to exclude certain email addresses from the antispam filter?

You can manage the lists of sender addresses that will not be antispam checked in the left menu in the Blocked and secure addresses settings (formerly blacklist and whitelist).

An address can be added by this way:
  • Enter an email address (1.) - you can use asterisk notation (placeholder * for any string),
  • choose Safe sender in the list (2.),
  • click on the button Add (3.).

Emails delivered from email addresses in the list of Safe senders (whitelist) won't be chacked with antispam and always will be delivered as legit (if they don't contain virus or bad attachment extension). Placing in the list of Safe sender has higher priority than the list of Blocked senders.

Tips for adding addresses
  • all emails from one domain: *@domain.tld
  • all subdomains of the domain: *@*.domain.tld
  • all national variants of the domain (cz, sk., com …): *@domain.*