Management of blocked and safe addresses

To view the list of blocked senders, click Settings in the top menu.

In the main left menu, select the Blocked and safe senders item in the Account section.

To enter a single address manually, click on button ADD EMAIL  (1.)

Type the address you want to block in the email address field  and select the list to which you want to add the address (here Blocked sender) (2.).

Click the Add button to add the address to the selected list


The easiest way is to add the address directly from the message list. Because opening a message can also be dangerous, you can right-click on the message and select Block sender from the context menu.

Pridani adresy do blacklistu ze seznamu zprav

You can also use the buttonwhile reading a message.

Bulk import of addresses

  • Create a CSV file on your computer containing one address on each line (no spaces),
  • On the Blocked and safe senders page, click the Import email addresses button.
  • Click the Select button to open the operating system window
  • Select the CSV file containing the address list from the computer
  • Select the list to which the addresses will be added,
  • Click the IMPORT button.

Blacklist address management

  • To edit an address, you need to delete the original address and then add a new one.
  • To remove an address from the blacklist, click the Remove button.
  • For mass deletion, simply mark more than one address and use the Delete selected button.
  • If you have multiple addresses of different types (trusted, blocked) in the list, you can filter them using the drop-down menu

Note: You cannot add an address that is in conflict with other rules to the blacklist. This is usually the case when the address is already in the blacklist or was previously added to the whitelist.