How are my server hosting data backed up?

The backup procedure of a server’s data is decided by a customer either during an order or later on. We offer multiple options for data backup. In all the cases the customer is the one responsible for backing up his data on the provided space.
The first option is a backup within the customer’s dedicated server using an additional hard drive. Server PROFI offers a multiple hard drive configuration in which one or multiple HDDs can be dedicated for backups. For example the customer’s configuration can be: Dedicated Server PROFI with three hard drives; the first two disks are in RAID 1 and the third disk is dedicated for backups.
Another option is an additional service offering external disk space within the same datacenter. In this case the customer will include the required backup space in his order of a dedicated server. In most cases the server is connected to a backup space via a second 1Gbps port. Standard access protocols are FTP and SMB, NFS is also possible if requested.
The third option is an external backup space in a different location. The backup is managed using the FORPSI Cloud platform and the customer can select any one of the 6 datacenters in the FORPSI Cloud network. Credit management, billing and configuration of backups are carried out through the Cloud administration, which is separate from the normal administration of dedicated servers. It is the most advanced form of data backup, using a backup agent running on the server, while the administration of tasks, plans and overview is managed by the customer through an easy-to-use web interface. On Windows it is also possible to use the Bare Metal Backup service, which creates a complete image of a server.