How can I transfer a generic domain to INTERNET CZ

At first you have to order a domain transfer using the form on our websites. After your order, the system will prompt you for a payment. You can choose either one of the online payment methods, or you can send an invoice to your email and then make a standard payment order. Once the fee has been received to our bank account (with correct amount and variable symbol), the domain transfer will be initiated and further instructions will be sent to the contact email you entered in the domain transfer order.
Domain transfer will be initiated with the contact details you enter in the order. When the transfer is complete, this contact is set to the domain owner position. Please, therefore, be aware of it and enter the correct and up-to-date contact details in your order.
After the transfer is confirmed, it is completed within 5-7 days. With the completion of the transfer we will send you a confirmation of the transfer. From then on, the owner can manage his generic domain through a customer administration.
Conditions for change of registrar:

* The domain must not be less than 45 days prior to expiration
* The domain must not be less than 60 days after registration
* The domain must not be in the LOCK state, so locked with the original registrar

If it is a standard generic domain with the .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and .name TLD or the new generic domain - .ASSOCIATES, .CENTER, .EQUIPMENT, .REPORT, etc., ask for an authorization code (AUTH-ID) with an existing domain registrar.
If one of these conditions is not kept, you must contact the existing domain registrar and either renew the domain, or ask for unlocking, and so on.
The domain is generally being renewed after transfer completion. However, if the domain is less than 60 days after the last update provided by current Registrar (domain renewal, previous change of the registrar, change of the owner, etc.), then the domain is not renewed for another year. The paid transfer fee will be used only for the transfer itself.