PIN code




1. What is a PIN code

The PIN code is used to verify customers and to authorize their request to FORPSI customer support by phone for services under their account.
Thanks to the PIN code, which you report to the customer support agent, you will save time and solve most requests by phone on our line + 420 38 38 35 35 3, or + 421 25 26 23 007 (SK).

2. How to get it

  Only the primary contact in the customer's account can receive a PIN code.

2.1 Already a customer

Log in to our Customer Administration -> User account settings you will find the PIN code field.

2.2 New customer

When creating a new account, the form will contain a PIN code field for the primary contact.

3. How do I choose my PIN

You choose the PIN yourself. It must contain 4 to 6 digits, which must not be consecutive and must not be repeated more than 3 times. You can change your PIN at any time.

4. Rules for using the PIN code

The PIN code is only used to verify the customer when communicating by phone and in no case does it replace an authorized ticket or chat.
If the customer calls us from a number other than the one listed in the administration, it is only a partial authorization, and therefore we cannot accept all requests such as a change of email, change of owner, etc.
The procedure on how to enter an authorized request can be found HERE.