How can I change contact details for .de domain in DENIC?

Firstly, edit your contact details in your customer administration, section "Contacts".
Secondly, send an authorized request to the Domain Department and state:
-  name of the domain which contact details you wish to update
- contact ID (from your customer administration), which contains contact details you wish to use in DENIC (master registry).   
Afterwards, we will update domain´s contact information online and free of charge in the DENIC (master registry). This change will be reflected within 24 hours at the earliest.

We do not recommend to use the same contact email as the domain (for example: for we do not recommend to use the contact email info@ If the domain becomes nonfunctional for any reason (domain expiration, late renewal, nonfunctional DNS record....), complications may arise - your contact email for the domain will not work and you will not be able to edit your contact details.