How do I link my domain to F-Page?

If the project is ready and you want to publish it on your own domain, you need to link it to a domain name. If the domain is already registered, please check if it is in our administration (FORPSI must be the domain registrar). If the domain is not yet registered, please order its registration by following the instructions below.


1) Go to the F-Page tab in your customer administration and choose one of the paid versions of WEB or SHOP. The WEB option is suitable if you want to create, for example, a simple website, a presentation of your company or a blog. In addition to the already mentioned functionality, the SHOP variant is also extended with a product catalogue module (e-shop) and a booking form.

2) After clicking on one of the "Buy WEB variant" or "Buy SHOP variant" buttons, a window for entering the domain name will open. Enter either your already registered domain or the domain name you wish to register. The domain name will be the basis of the web address, after entering it into the browser your website will be displayed. The system will determine if the name can be connected to the F-Page service. It will either direct you to the registration form or to purchase the additional F-Page service of your choice (WEB, SHOP).

3) Upon payment of your order, the content you created during the trial period will be published on the domain you have entered.

Please note:
In case you have prepared a website including e-shop and other functions that are part of the exclusively SHOP variant during the trial period and you subsequently purchase only the WEB variant, it is necessary to deactivate the modules that the WEB variant does not include before ordering. Activating the paid version may cause technical problems.