Management and reserving meeting rooms

Reserving meeting rooms is just as simple as scheduling meetings.

A bit of theory
Office – an organizational unit at the main level,
  • a building where the offices (spaces) of the company are located
  • there can be multiple meeting rooms located here
Meeting room
  • a space with resources for conducting training, meetings, brainstorming, brainwashing...
  • allows definition of resources available to participants: projector, microphone, internet connection, presentation aids, etc., and also informatively set the room's capacity
Philosophy of use
  • an administrator (usually postmaster) adds one or more offices within an email domain and creates one or more meeting rooms
  • the event organizer creates a meeting and reserves time in a meeting room
    - the meeting room is then unavailable for creating another event during the time that clashes with the original event
  • the organizer adds participants to the meeting - although it's possible to set meeting room capacity, the numerical value itself doesn't serve to limit the number of participants that can be entered in the form --> theoretically, the organizer could invite 100 participants for an event taking place in a room with a capacity of 50 seats
  • a participant cannot modify a meeting in their calendar (logically - only the organizer can manipulate the meeting room resources for a created event)

Adding office and meeting room
Management of offices and meeting rooms is carried out through the webmail interface in the administration.
Log in to the administration, go to Offices and meeting rooms, and click Create an office

After providing the necessary information, add one or more meeting rooms. Click the Create a room. 

After filling in the room name, resources, and capacity of the room, save the room.

Meeting rooms reservation

Create an event or meeting with participants. If you're using mailing groups, you can directly schedule a meeting from the address book. 

In the dropdown menu located under the meeting title (1.), select a room. 

Before saving the meeting and sending out invitations, the organizer can check the availability of individual participants (including room occupancy) - the Check availability of attendees and rooms button (2.).

Until a room is selected, a list of available rooms is displayed on the right side. 
  • Clicking the Add (top) or Availability (bottom) will select a room and display the events taking place in it.
  • kliknutí na odkaz Přidat (nahoře) nebo Dostupnost (dole) vybere místnost a zobrazí události, které se v ní konají
  • You can remove a room from the overview either by clicking the Remove (list of available rooms at the top) or Remove availability (bottom).

Note: Availability is shared among all Forpsi mailboxes that have availability enabled in the calendar settings.

Support for functionality in webmailu and other clients

  • Meeting rooms are supported only in the Smart version of webmail. 
  • Third-party clients (Outlook calendar, Thunderbird, Google Calendar, etc.) cannot create a meeting in a meeting room, even if they send an email to the room's address (address - alias - is not created on the server).