Importing DNS records

Managing DNS records can be a challenging task, especially if you have a large network of domains and need to regularly update or migrate your DNS records.
The DNS record import feature allows you to easily upload new DNS records from a CSV file to your DNS servers at FORPSI. You can perform the record import even before changing your DNS servers to FORPSI.

Where to Perform the Configuration

You can find the option to import DNS records in the customer administration under the domain details, in the "DNS" -> "Import of DNS Records" section. This is applicable when your domain already has FORPSI DNS servers configured:

In cases where your domain does not yet have FORPSI DNS servers configured, you can access the option to import DNS records (or manually add individual DNS records) in the "Change DNS Servers" -> "You can add new DNS records here:" step:

CSV File Format

DNS record import is possible only from a CSV file that contains these four columns with names:

  • Hostname
  • TTL
  • Type
  • Value
The order of columns or letter case does not matter.

Additional information regarding the content and format of the uploaded CSV file:

  • The maximum size of the uploaded CSV file can be 150kB.
  • It can contain a maximum of 200 rows.
  • The value delimiter in the CSV file is ; (semicolon).
  • The allowed TTL (Time to Live) value range is 60 - 86400.
  • You can import the DNS record types listed in the article Setting DNS Records, which specifically include A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SRV, TLSA, CAA, NS.
  • The Hostname parameter must contain a domain name.
  • The file must be in UTF-8 encoding.
  • Duplicates will be ignored, and a record will be added only once.

Here's an example of what the CSV file may look like before import:

After a successful import, new DNS records will be added. Any existing DNS records will remain unchanged.