Termination of webhosting

We appreciate your trust and thank you for using our services. We understand that there may be various reasons for ending them, such as a project closure. Below you can find the procedure for terminating the webhosting service.

Log in to your customer account and select the Webhosting tab. Click on the respective domain name, and next to the Expiration Date, you will find the Service cancellation link.

After selecting a specific domain from the menu, you will have access to the "Service cancellation" link:

Additional information about the termination is provided on the form page. The hosting service will terminate after the expiration date: 

Another option for terminating the service is not making a payment for the issued invoice. The service will be canceled after the 60-day grace period from the expiration date; however, you will continue to receive automatic reminders and offers to renew the service on the billing email.

We recommend submitting a service termination request, which will ensure automatic service termination and cancellation of issued invoices without further reminders.

If you have already submitted a web hosting service termination request but later decide to cancel it, you have the option to continue using our services without interruption. Just let us know that you have reconsidered your decision, and we will be happy to continue providing our services according to your needs.

We thank you for your trust. Please contact us in case of any questions.