Outbound IP addresses of webhosting

In certain situations (for example, specific outbound communication from your websites), you may be requested by your external service providers to specify from which IP address (IPv4) or network range you will be accessing their services.
Usually, this is for enhancing the security level of the provided services, such as access to payment gateways, various API interfaces, and others, which you utilize on your websites hosted by Forpsi.

For Linux operating system web hostings, outbound communication occurs from multiple IP addresses due to the involvement of several servers in a so-called cluster. Each server involved in the cluster has its own public IPv4 address, from which outbound communication takes place.

In your Customer Account -> Webhosting -> click on the domain name for details, you can find out the IP address assigned to your web hosting with the operating system (OS) Linux for HTTP in the Web IP (DNS A) data:

In the table below, you can find the list of all IP addresses and network range records containing these IP addresses for outbound communication according to the HTTP IP address you found in the hosting detail:

HTTP IP Address
Outbound IP Addresses
Network Range

For web hostings with the operating system (OS) Windows, it is only possible to use the IP address displayed for outbound communication for HTTP in your Customer Account -> Webhosting -> click on the domain name for details: