Using contacts

If you select one or more contacts in an address book, buttons will show up on the tools bar enabling you to:
  • Add a new contact
  • A search field for fast contact look up
  • Send a message
  • Add a contact to a group
  • Create an event and add a contact as a participant
  • Share (vCard)
  • Edit
  • Delete

Sending new messages from address book
Select a contact, multiple contacts or a contact group (available buttons on the tools bar may differ).
Click the Send message button on the tools bar.
A window for composing new messages will open with the selected recipients already filled in.
Put forth as usually.

Creating an event with invites for selected contacts
Select a contact or multiple contacts which you want to invite to the event.
Click the Create new event and invite participants button vytvorit udalost z adresare on the toolbar..
A window for adding a new event will open with participants already filled in, to which invites will be send.
Put forth as usually when adding an event.

Sharing contacts through email
You can export a contact in the VCF format by using two ways (the action is possible only when a single contact is selected).
Select a contact.
Click the Share button and from the menu choose the requested action:
Export as vCard – save the vCard.vcf file on your disk.

Send as a business card – a window for composing of a new message will open with the vCard.vcf file in its attachment.

Searching contacts
For contact look up easily fill in the searched string into the Fast search and press the Enter key (or you can click the Search button  .
The search checks following fields: 
- Name
- Surname
- Telephone number
- E-mail

Filtering contacts
You can view only contacts starting with a specific letter or favorite contacts by using the alphabet bar found on the right side of the contacts list.
Click the All link to see all contacts again.