Control Panel for management of webhostings with OS Linux

Control Panel is a webhosting management interface; for OS Linux it contains the following features:
 - Information - here you find all information about the service. Its parameters, software version and directory structure.
 - WebFTP - this feature allows you to upload files from browser.
 - FTP - here you can find details about the FTP space usage of your hosting. This feature also allows you to see from which countries it is possible to connect to the service via FTP account and it provides an overview of 
your webhosting access logs.

- Domain aliases - shows a list of activated domain aliases.
 - Permissions for scripts - each webhosting service has a unique user who is the owner of all scripts. Therefore, in every application, it is possible to write data and access the service from anywhere by dafeault, without you having to separately set the writing permissions for everybody. In case of a problem, it is possible to adjust the settings for files and directories.
 - Error pages - this feature allows you to customize the error pages 403 and 404
 - Secure directory - this feature allows you to password-protect access to your directories.
 - Virtual subdomains - this feature provides a simple way to create third level domains for individual directories.
 - PHP settings - displays results for phpinfo.
 - Database management - displays a list of databases and information about their current use.